Someone help me

Smh I feel bad for not goin to my girl’s ceremony. Like fuck im really a piece of shit 💀 I should of just called out of work for the day

And I’m fuckin leavin to Vegas tmrw so she’s even more annoyed with me

Probly gonna ignore me for the weekend lmao im pissed too!!! Shit

I guess no makeup sex til I get back



If you think a girl is cute and awesome and really cool and genuinely like her but won’t date her because she’s chubby or fat and you don’t want people to judge you for it then please remember you’re a piece of shit okay, promise

Gay ass niggas lol

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I just can’t let go of the resentment as much as I want to

I’m over here plotting on how ima get revenge .. I need to be over this shit but fuck that




damn ma


things to say during sex

  • nothing
  • you dont need sex
  • the lord is watching
  • amen

Lord forgive me for this watch I bought

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me: ok i’ll study at 8:00

clock: 8:00

me: *pretends i didn’t see*

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Bro I love chillin wit girls at home when they dressed like this